Blue Finch Boards Sales on Beyond Fest Titles ‘Stéphane,’ ‘Good Boy’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Blue Finch Films has boarded international sales on European genre titles, Scandinavian thriller “Good Boy” and found footage film “Stéphane,” ahead of their

world premieres at Beyond Fest. “Good Boy,” which delves into the perils of the modern dating world, follows Sigrid who thinks she’s met the perfect match in

Christian until she comes to find out that he lives with a man who acts like his pet dog. More from VarietyJonathan Majors, Stephanie March, Dee Poku, Lisa Taback Join Gotham

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Bad Spirits, and a Shamanic Exorcist Auntie French thriller “Stéphane,” a new take on the found footage genre, follows Timothée, as he documents his time with the

larger-than-life, and almost unbelievable character that he meets whilst shooting a short film. As time goes on their jovial and eccentric talks become something far more

sinister. “Stéphane” directors, Timothée Hochet and Lucas Pastor, said: “Our movie is an homage to all of the Stéphane’s in the world. We all know a guy like him, in

all of his weirdness and authenticity. We made a found footage movie that we would have loved to watch, one that plays with the audience and puts them in a weird and unique place

that can be defined as a nightmarish comedy.”