Car Insurance Too Expensive? 4 Smarter Moves Than Skipping It

The average American auto insurance premium has risen 8.65% since 2021, and in some states the increase has been even steeper. That's not what any of us need right now when

we're already struggling to keep up with all of our other rising bills. But that doesn't mean drivers should skip car insurance altogether. Below, we'll take a look at why

that could be dangerous and discuss four better strategies to help drivers save on car insurance.What's wrong with skipping car insurance? Nearly all states require their

drivers to carry at least some liability car insurance. Required coverage levels vary by state, but $25,000 of bodily injury coverage per person and $50,000 per accident is

standard in a lot of states. This pays for other people's medical bills if the policyholder injures them in an accident. Many states also require some degree of property damage

liability coverage. Drivers who skip the state minimum coverage risk hefty fines and possible driver's license and vehicle registration suspension. Some states even jail

repeat offenders. And when these drivers seek out new car insurance in the future, they also pay more because they're perceived as high-risk drivers. But the biggest reason

not to skip car insurance is the massive out-of-pocket costs drivers could face without it. If a driver injures another person in an accident and doesn't have insurance, the

injured party could sue them. They could wind up responsible for thousands of dollars in medical bills, in addition to the fines and fees discussed above. Discover: Save

money with one of these top-ranked car insurance companies