Danish queen tests positive for Covid-19

The Queen of Denmark has tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time this year, the Danish Royal Court has confirmed. Queen Margrethe II has cancelled her

appointments for this week after the diagnosis on Tuesday evening. The 82-year-old monarch was one of 2,000 guests who attended Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral on Monday.

She is now Europe's longest-serving head of state and last surviving queen following the British monarch's death. She and Queen Elizabeth were third cousins, both

being descended from Queen Victoria. Queen Margrethe has been vaccinated against Covid and last tested positive in February this year when she presented mild

symptoms. In a statement on the palace website, a spokesperson said she would be recovering at Fredensborg Palace. Nation pays final farewell to Queen Elizabeth Who

was at the funeral and who was not? This was history: solemn, spectacular, intense Her son and heir, Crown Prince Frederik, and his wife Mary, the Crown Princess, will take

her place in hosting members of the government, the Danish Parliament, and Danish members of the European Parliament at a party on Friday in Copenhagen. In recent days,

Queen Margrethe was pictured at several events in London to mark Queen Elizabeth II's death. At Westminster Hall on Sunday, on the eve of the late Queen's funeral, she

joined the Crown Prince to pay her respects at the lying-in-state. At Westminster Abbey the following day, she sat in the same section as monarchs from other European

nations, including King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Prince Albert II of Monaco and King Philippe of Belgium.