Date Lab: His purple pants caught her eye

Ogo is from Waynesboro, Pa., and went to college in Wisconsin, but left before earning a degree. “My dad died, and I was like, ‘Damn, life really ends, and if I die, I don’t

want to die in Wisconsin,’ ” he said. “The school part will always be there, but the things that I’m doing right now won’t always be in front of me.” He’s young — 24 —

and has spent his time building an influencer marketing business. He is also learning Italian and started playing tennis. What Ogo hasn’t had is a lot of long-term relationships.

The longest one was on and off for two-ish years when he was living in Los Angeles, but he never found his people there. So, he moved to the nation’s capital in late 2020 because

“all of my cousins that live in the U.S. live in D.C.” He applied for Date Lab after a conversation about dating with a friend who works at the paper. “I’ve never been on

a blind date, which seems harder with the internet [because] you can do research on people now. The not knowing sounds kind of funny.” Apply now to Date Lab His date,

Jana, hasn’t had many long-term relationships either. The 23-year-old was in college outside Boston when the pandemic started and says that made dating harder. “The pandemic

really stunted that for me … and then coming out of that I just haven’t dated much.” After landing her second post-college job, she moved this spring to D.C. from New

York City, where she was doing public relations for a financial services company. “I didn’t love that job and started looking around and took this job that’s in the change

advocacy sector, and they ultimately said ‘We need you to come to D.C.,’ so here I am!”