Elizabeth Warren wants your credit card company to report you to the government

While President Joe Biden is decrying “MAGA Republicans” as fascist, members of his own party are actively working to get your credit card company to start tracking you and

reporting you to the government. Because that’s not fascist at all. Democratic lawmakers including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Dianne Feinstein just sent a letter to the CEO

of American Express pressuring the company to start monitoring gun purchases. They essentially want the credit card company to create a special category for gun purchases — right

now they’re categorized as “miscellaneous retail stores” — and use that information to report people to the police. “Banks and credit card companies could help law

enforcement preempt some mass shootings by identifying suspicious gun purchases through the implementation of a new MCC,” the lawmakers wrote. “MCCs are four-digit codes

maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that classify merchants by their purpose of business.” “The creation of a new MCC for gun and

ammunition retail stores would be the first step towards facilitating the collection of valuable financial data that could help law enforcement in countering the financing of

terrorism efforts,” the letter continues. “A new MCC code could make it easier for financial institutions to monitor certain types of suspicious activities including straw

purchases and unlawful bulk purchases that could be used in the commission of domestic terrorist acts or gun trafficking schemes. Such coordination between financial institutions

and law enforcement has been instrumental in efforts across the federal government to identify and prevent illicit activity.”