Only an X-Men Hero's Kid Can End Wolverine & Cyclops Bitter Rivalry

In one universe, the daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch is essential in ending one of the X-Men’s longest ongoing battles, Wolverine vs. Cyclops. Talia Wagner aka

Nocturne is the daughter of Kurt Wagner and Wanda Maximoff from Earth-2182 and works alongside her father in the X-Men of her native dimension. Although it appears Cyclops and

Wolverine's rivalry exists on multiple worlds throughout the multiverse, in Nocturne's world Scott would have killed Logan if not for the timely intervention of Talia to end it

once and for all. Nocturne is also a member of the Exiles, a group of

superhumans plucked from parallel worlds tasked with traveling to other universes with given missions to accomplish to ensure that world’s prolonged survival. In Exiles #41-42,

Nocturne remembers her life before the Exiles, specifically after a battle between the X-Men and Apocalypse. While her X-Men are victorious, an accident with the villain’s Chronal

Disruptor swaps her Aunt Kate Pryde with her younger counterpart from the past. While Professor Wolverine and the other X-Men try to figure out how to undo the exchange, their

daily lives are interrupted by the unexpected return of Cyclops, who left after Wolverine killed Charles Xavier while under the control of the Shadow King. Scott is accompanied by

his new team, the Brotherhood. RELATED:Cyclops & Wolverine’s Civil War Made

More Sense Than The Avengers’