Ukraine war latest: Biden sends secret nuclear strike warning to Putin

Abramovich ‘played key part’ in release of prisoners of war Putin ‘passes secret law to send one million Russians to fight’ Mystery military drone washes up on Crimea beach

Germany prepares to take in Russians refusing to fight Listen to the latest episode of our daily Ukraine podcast The US has been sending secret messages to Russia to warn

that it will face grave consequences if it conducts a nuclear strike in Ukraine.  Deliberately vague, the memos are designed to keep the Kremlin guessing over how Joe Biden,

the US President, would respond. US officials told the Washington Post newspaper the private communications had been dispatched regularly for the last several

months. The revelation emerged after Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, on Wednesday issued a threat to retaliate with nuclear weapons. Western officials have

played down the chances of the Kremlin leader using nuclear weapons, noting he has said similar things in the past.  Follow the latest updates below. Sign up to the

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with nuclear weapons, claims Russian minister Moscow is not threatening anybody with nuclear weapons, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said. Open

confrontation with the United States and NATO was not in Russia's interests, Russian state news agencies reported him saying. 01:18 PMListen live as our writers discuss the

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